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Car restoration is a true love work and do it right taking patience and a lot of time and also a know-how. But for car lovers, this hard work worth the effort and offer you a pretty money back if you want to sell your car.

First, find the right car !
This is the more difficult part : find the car where you can work on it. Choose the car that can be retored to obtain the perfect result while reduce cost is not easy. Moke Azur Cars can help you in this goal by give you the expertise of your car or on a car you have seen.

The world of vintage cars is divided : restore your car in its original state or customize it with a your own tuch ? It's a very personal question and Moke Azur Cars work with its customers to purpose unique models fully customised. Sheet metal, mechanic, saddlery, cabinetmaking, we afford a complete range of skills to satisfy passionate even expert customers.

In the gallery bellow, discover our work. All cars are delivered to ther owner with a high sens of details and a complete work monitoring (USB Key that contain all work steps is delivered), and an expertise realised by a professional that allows you to inssure your vehicle in its best condition.

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